Marin Gordon
model, Photographer


Hi there <3 Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!
I am obsessed with growing my mindset & overcoming challenges in life. I love learning new things, laughing, being creative and spending quality time with my family & others. Though simplicity isn't something I'm always good at, it's a tool I often use to refine what I invest my time and energy on. I choose to include only things that add value and those I have a firey passion for. This has led me to be a successful, compulsive creator. Making sure I love what I do allows me to put my heart and soul into every client & project we take on. I feel so grateful for this creative, connective medium :)

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Brett Gordon
Photographer, Videographer, model


Play… it’s my life. Or rather what I try to make my life about.  Play for me is everything from goofing off with my kids to fruit foraging on this beautiful island of Hawaii, trailing behind vines, nettle lined grass, and anyone foolish enough to come with me.  Activity of any kind drives my play, so when a camera was placed in my hands at the start of my eldest daughters life, I said,”Looks like fun!”  The years since, have been something of a blur for which I am pleased to have had a camera.  Now my play, be it testing out someone’s new gadget on the market for media production, or capturing the beauty of my wife, kids, or surroundings for use in inspirational messages, is always being documented.  And while my parental brain is incapable of holding such memories, I count myself incredibly fortunate to find that my life IS in a continual state of PLAY.


Kyle Sullivan


Aloha, My name is Kyle Sullivan. I am passionate about creating compelling nature-based cinematography and photography. I am an avid forest gardener and appreciate a simple and playful lifestyle. It’s my joy to produce and share moving media creations with the world. I look forward to collaborating an seeing what we can create together.